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Austin Movers, Aardvark Moving Company is a professional moving company that has been providing moving services to the Austin area since 1991.
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When is the best time to move?
How long does it take to move?
When should I call a moving company?









When Is The Best Time To Move?

If there is a choice, most moving companies suggest you select a time other than summer, the end of the month or the end-of-year holidays. The heaviest demands are placed on vans, equipment and personnel during these periods.

However, Aardvark believes you should move when it is most convenient for you. Factors involved in the decision may include:

  • whether the move must be made immediately
  • transferring children during the school term
  • separation of the family while the move is under way

If the move can be scheduled for a time when vans and trained personnel are more readily available, we'll be better able to meet your preferred delivery schedule.

How Long Does It Take To Move?

This depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling.

Because the furnishings of the average household will not fill a van, it is often necessary for two or more shipments to be loaded on the same van. Each shipment is carefully sectioned off from the others.

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When Should I Call A Moving Company?

The earlier, the better. Although the actual van assignment may not be made until a few days before your move, it's wise to give your moving company from four to six weeks' notice, if possible. The more lead time you can give, the more likely we will be able to meet your delivery schedule.

All moving companies, for their usual type of service, require alternate pickup and delivery dates. We'll do our best, of course, to comply with the dates you prefer or the nearest possible alternative. You will be notified in advance of the loading date for your goods and of the estimated date of arrival.

If your pickup and delivery dates are critical, due to such factors as a lease expiration or a real-estate closing, you may choose an extra-cost service which will enable us to accommodate a reasonable schedule. You should discuss your specific pickup and delivery requirements with your Aardvark representative, who can advise you of the types and costs of services available.

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Aardvark Movers is an Austin, Texas based moving company that offers moving services to the greater Austin & San Antonio area.
Our moving headquarters are centrally located in Austin Texas at 815 A Brazos Suite 82, Austin, Tx 78701.
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